Friday, November 02, 2007

quick sketchbook practice (Ballpoint pen - Photoshop)

When l got on the bus today there was a women sitting down next to the seat where I always sit in order to have a good view of all the people that I can draw. When I sat down next to her she looked at me (as if I had the nerve to sit in her arena) then got up and sat on the other side of the bus [right across from me]

I got my sketchbook and pen out and began sketching her. She said something in spanish to a lady next to me - the lady looked at my page and looked back at her and said, "si" (yes in spanish). I guess she asked the lady next to me was I drawing her because she immediately got up and went to the back of the bus. By that time it was too late - I had already recorded her likeness. From there I began to decorate the drawing with Jewelry and facial markings...

...I had fun.

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